Why it’s Time to Update Your Website

Many of our clients over the years have asked when a good time to update the website would be. My answer? I say never stop updating your website! There are some basic website 101 rules you should not break. Making sure your website is desktop, mobile and tablet compatible is one of the most important rules to remember. One of the most common types of website design today is a liquid responsive website. A liquid responsive website scales to any device size and allows the user to have the best experience possible regardless of the device they are using. This includes mobile navigation on a phone and even photos and text that scale to the full screen on a smart phone. Many of our client’s website statistics show that almost 50% of visitors come from a mobile device, so it’s extremely important for the user experience to be a positive one.

Another important aspect of a website is the actual content itself. Content includes website copy, images, videos and blog posts. Content that is consistently updated and relevant is important when it comes to ranking in search engine results. Google likes updated, fresh content and will rank your site higher in the search engines if a website is updated and relevant.

Fresh content is tough for our clients to produce. Some of our clients have the same content as they did two years ago when we built the site. Even though we make website content recommendations to clients, many just don’t have the time. MediaFuel offers content creation services including Blogs, video, website landing pages or even custom newsletters to clients and prospects. The best way to have fresh content your audience is just to have your agency do it. Having access to an entire agency of content professionals is the way to go. An agency can build content all year long to attract website visitors with a monthly budget that works best for your needs.

At MediaFuel, we can help you with content creation, updating your website, and many other ongoing marketing services. Contact us today for a free marketing assessment on how we can help your business!