Video Production for Small Businesses

Video is the fastest growing online ad format for businesses everywhere. Regardless of the size of your business, video marketing remains one of the most efficient mediums for reaching your target audience. In fact, the demand for commercial video production among small businesses continues to expand. Before jumping on the bandwagon, understand that there is a right and a wrong way when producing a corporate video for your small business.

Wrong Way.  A lot of small businesses unfortunately take the cheaper and easier route to try and push it to YouTube as soon as possible. Some small businesses don’t want to invest the time it takes to develop and produce an effective company video and they are left with some damaging consequences. They believe that recording a short company video with their smartphone and uploading it to YouTube will drive profits and traffic to their website. Unfortunately, this doing just the opposite.

– Producing a cheap and quick amateur company video will tarnish your small business’s image and diminish your brand’s value.
– Through the eyes of your target audience: if your small business is going to be lazy with internal matters, your small business will be lazy with client work as well.

Right Way.  Developing a professional company video that effectively communicates your company’s message to its target audience requires a great deal of time, effort, and (most importantly) creativity. However, the results that follows are vast and well worth the investment. The key component of successful video production is creativity, which is great news for small business owners, giving them an advantage over national or global sized businesses. Most of the famous viral videos we are all familiar with came from average people with epic ideals at no charge at all. Also, putting your well-developed company video on the Internet puts it on a global scale.

The fact that video is the fastest growing online ad format today shows the essential need for such marketing efforts. If your small business has a comfortable budget to work with, hiring a full-service marketing agency can provide numerous benefits to position your small business in the best possible light.

With expert guidance and access to the latest technologies, professionally developed company video productions can exceed customer expectations, bring more legitimacy to your brand, and increase the value of your brand.