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Animated video production

Motion Graphics

Animated videos contain a sequence of graphics that are manipulated in order to create the look and feel of real motion. Graphics are custom designed and/or elements may be purchased online from stock sites. Aside from motion graphics, animated video production also includes a music track, sound effects, and/or a voice over. This style of video usually takes longer than other videos because of the amount of time spent creating the elements and varies depending on the style, movement and the length of the video.

Video animation steps

To ensure quality, our motion graphic videos follow a general order of steps:

Step 1: Storyboard 

Each project begins with a visual outline, or storyboard. Diving right into a video leads to reworking and is more of a hassle than a time saver. Whether it’s a rough sketch or broken down to every minor detail, it’s important to storyboard any project.


Step 2: The Design 

Graphic design expertise is essential. If the video production company you reach out to doesn’t have a design department, make sure you ask for similar work samples. Keep in mind that the more complicated the graphics, the longer it will take to complete your video. And that it is more costly to create 3D than 2D animated videos.


Step 3: Animation 

The animation process itself can be time consuming and extremely intricate. A 10second animation could take a full day and require hundreds of separate motion animations. We stay ahead with the most innovative technology to maximize efficiency.


Step 4: Final Draft

Internal review and client review culminate into a final draft of the video, and it is exported and uploaded for use.

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