The Creative Process

From your brain to ours – onto a white board – into a script – shot on camera – imported into the timeline – and onto the client’s desk: the creative process is hours and hours of deliberation and brainstorming between MediaFuel and the client, along with draft after draft of video files all leading to the perfected final product.

First the client comes to us with an idea. We then take their idea and run with it. Brainstorming is a huge part of the creative process at MediaFuel. With the input from our clients, to the collaboration of a handful of employees, our projects always receive great input from everyone involved. A large double-sided whiteboard on wheels sits in the middle of our upstairs office, which is shared between the video and web developers. This whiteboard is smothered with ideas, concepts, and hand drawn designs that in turn translate over onto the video screen or web page.

Next comes the script that will set the basic blue print of what the project will become.

Finally it’s into the studio or out into the field where client interaction meets the camera lenses. All of our videos are shot with a Canon DSLR camera. We specialize in stunning high definition video. Our camera expertise expands anywhere from basic interviews, combined with sharp lighting—to beautiful, smooth track shots.

Next it’s up to our video specialists to lay all of the footage out onto the timeline, followed by importing audio files. Once all of the audio files are synced with the video we move onto any color correction or graphics that the video requires. Some videos require very little motion graphics, however, some clients want motion graphics to back up and engage the rest of their content. We use Final Cut Pro and Motion to complete all of these tasks.

After all of the video is rendered, it is up to final approval. Once approved the video is put onto our test YouTube page to be critiqued by the client.