Team Member Spotlight: Riley White

Riley White | Account Coordinator Extraordinaire

RileyYou name it … Riley does it. He’s a jack of all trades and an all-around good guy. He’s always ready to drop what he’s doing to help. Riley has a bachelor’s degree in marketing from Butler University with a minor in psychology, so he’s awesome at extrapolating data from our brand workshops and strategy sessions. He’s also really into research. He’s always digging up cool data about our clients’ websites from Google Analytics and SEM Rush, and he handles all the SEO reporting. He’s an Excel guru. Add to that social media management for all our clients and a bunch of back-end website stuff. He’s a busy guy.

Riley is a man who can rock some plaid shirts. He has a super dry sense of humor, and the deepest voice we’ve ever heard. He’s also slightly mysterious. We think it’s possible that his alter ego is a superhero. Truth be told, we’ve never seen him and Spider Man in the same place at the same time.

In his spare time, he likes to listen to alternative music. When we asked him what his favorite band was, the conversation went like this:

Us: “Riley, what’s your favorite band?”

Riley: “Why?”

Us: “Because it’s your turn to be the team spotlight.”

Riley: “Yes. Why?”

Us: “Riley. Seriously.”

Riley: “No, I am being serious. My favorite band is called “Why?’”

Kids these days …