Team Member Spotlight: Micki Harlow

Micki Harlow | Creative Director

Micki“Creative” doesn’t begin to tell the story.

It’s just the tip of the iceberg. Sure, Micki Harlow is a creative force to be reckoned with. She’s a crackerjack designer and an awesome storyteller. She could crank out amazing content all day long. But there’s more. She’s scary smart. She can strategize. She can spot a typo a mile away. She’s even been known to code in a pinch. Micki is our guiding light. She takes everything we create and makes it just a little bit better. Nothing goes out of our agency without the Micki Harlow Seal of Approval.

And how ‘bout that name? Amiright?? It’s part glam movie star and part romance novelist. We’re not EVEN making that name up. If you think the name is fabulous, you should meet the woman who comes with it.

Outside of work, she is “Mama Harlow” to a family of eight kids. (Yes. We said eight kids. Eight.) How does she juggle all these balls and still come to work with a dazzling smile on her face every day?
We simply cannot say. It’s the magic of Micki Harlow.