Team Member Spotlight: Chris Bass

Chris Bass | Chief Strategist


ChrisThat’s what Chris Bass has, and that’s what Chris Bass does. (And we’re not talking ‘bout his car.) We’ve never experienced drive quite like this, and we’re all pretty high spirited around here. His mind goes about a thousand miles a minute, and he’s always thinking three steps ahead. (We’re not sure if he actually sleeps…)

He also drives our team. To do and be our best—not just in our work, but in our own lives as well. Everytime we think we’ve reached the bar, Chris Bass raises it. He’s a coach and a mentor, and we’re just darned lucky to have him. So are our clients.

Speaking of coaching, Chris does that on the weekends too, with his son’s DI team and daughter’s basketball team. He has four kids with his beautiful wife Kristin. A church goin’ family man who always strives to do the right thing, for the right reason, Chris keeps our little digital marketing train on the tracks and keeps us speeding on to whatever is next. Let’s ride!