The Sky is the Limit with Drone Video

Before the opening ceremonies of the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeonchang, most people knew that drones play a role in safety and security and amusement for the person who has everything. Who knows, in the near future Amazon may be using them to drop packages in your front yard. But as a snowboarder took a jump, a dove took flight, and the Olympic rings took shape in an aerial art show comprised of more than 1200 illuminated drones, the world was captivated and it became obvious that drones have come a long way.

All over the world last week people had the same thought– “I didn’t know drones could do that!”

No longer simply toys for hobbyists, drones are dynamic, useful tools for wide-range aerial photography.  And, as the world continues to figure out the seemingly endless possibilities of drones, smart marketing agencies are using them to do what smart marketers are always trying to do. Drive leads.

There’s no more compelling way to tell your brand’s story than through video. Sometimes, a sincere face speaking directly to the camera is just the thing, but there are many options available today other than just the traditional “point and shoot.”

Utilizing drones to shoot video opens up a whole new dimension. Drone video is an incredibly powerful way to showcase products, particularly in the areas of construction, real estate and property management, sporting, live music, conventions and other large indoor and outdoor events.

Drones can be used to create amazing, interactive 360 virtual tours that will put your prospects exactly where you want them–smack dab in the middle of your business.

So while you’re watching the Olympians fly through the air and score medals, start thinking about how you can score more prospective customers with drone video and virtual reality. Talk to your marketing agency today.

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