Marketing Plan Strategies for Your Business

Think of a successful and professional company that you admire. Their success started with a well-rounded marketing plan to propel their company in the right direction. It is crucial for every business to create a marketing plan that is professional, organized, and reflects the company and brand accurately. A marketing plan answers the following questions:

1) Who are your target customers?

2) How will you reach them?

3) How will you retain your customers so they repeatedly buy from you?

How do you want your next few months or year to go? If the answer relates to, “really, really well,” then a marketing plan is the first step.

Executive Summary and Financials

At the START and END of your marketing plan, create and re-visit an executive summary. This piece is summarizing the sections within your plan and helps to give an overview. Make sure this piece is well thought out and professional, this is the first impression!  

When creating a marketing plan, you must include a budget to determine how you will pay to accomplish your goals. Your pricing and positioning strategy must be aligned as well. For example, if you want your company to be known as the leading brand in your industry, having too low a price might dissuade customers from purchasing. Detail the positioning you desire and how your pricing will support it.

Find your Target Customers

Determine who your target customers are and how they can benefit your business and brand as a whole. Who are the customers who will make your business the most successful? Think of demographic profiles, psychographic profiles, and their overall needs and wants. After researching, do not waste efforts on customers who have no connection to your business.

Reaching Out

What are the best ways to reach your target customers? Where do they go to shop, eat, and how do they spend their time online? Social media platforms can be a helpful source in this step of your marketing plan. If you are trying to reach a demographic that is males from ages 50-65 is the best choice through Twitter?  Create efficient means for reaching your customers and getting your message across and state them in your plan.  

Retain Relationships

After determining your customers and making the initial connection, you must stay up to date on their needs and wants and stay faithful. The goal for any marketing connection is to create relationships that will keep the customer coming back and continuing to buy from your business. Encourage your customers to spread the word about your business to further the success of your brand and remember to maintain the relationships that first got your where you are today!