Live Action Video Production

What is live action video production?

Live action videos

Live action videos are those that contain actual video footage, whether it is live shot or from stock video footage as opposed to animation. They start with a concept and written script, include a set or virtual set as well as professional voice, music, and motion graphics.

Live Action Video Production Process

To ensure quality, our live action video production follows a general order of steps:

Step 1: Concepting/Scripting

We start each video ad project with a kickoff and then start concepting. This culminates into script writing and presentation of the concept(s).


Step 2: Pre-Production 

With an approved script, the shots, location, set, equipment, actors will be determined and prepped.


Step 3: The Shoot 

Here is where live action is in action.


Step 4: Edit

Once all the footage is captured, we edit, color correct, add music and voiceover to create a polished piece.


Step 5: Distribute

Upon client approval, the ad gets turned into the needed format and distributed.

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