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Why do you need lead generation ?


Lead generation is an excellent way to keep your sales pipeline flowing. Once you have attracted a prospect, you can convert them into qualified leads. After being captured as a lead, they then will do one of four things.

  • They will purchase from you immediately
  • They will be more likely to purchase from you in the future provided you continue to nurture them as a lead
  • They will choose a competitor
  • They will do nothing

Our lead generation activities for you are targeted and provide consistent, reliable experiences for your prospects and customers to increase the likelihood of purchase and referrals.

How does the lead generation process work?

  1. A prospect discovers you through one of your marketing channels such as:
    • Your website, blog, or social media
    • Email marketing
    • Digital advertising
    • Account based marketing
    • Print advertising
    • Event

2. The prospect responds to a call to action that directs them to leave their information on a form in exchange for something that interests them (e.g. an eBook, checklist, or another type of content).

3. Because you created the content that interested the prospect, you now have more insight into them and can convert or nurture the lead to convert.

Lead generation services

  • Content creation
  • Lead nurturing campaigns
  • Martech expertise, advisement and implementation
  • Lead analysis and reporting
  • Landing page creation
  • PPC advertising creation and management

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