Hiring The Right Web Design Firm

When you’re looking to hire the right web design firm for your company there are a few questions that should be taken care of before you move onto the creation phase. Making sure you find the right agency that fits the personality of your company and can complete your goals is what will result in a successful formation of your new website. In this blog post we will go over the right and wrong questions to ask a potential web design company.

Is this going to be an affordable web design?

As a company, you usually have a set budget that you want to spend, and you should know that budget before you contact the agency. Find your budget constraints and let the agency know where you stand with the amount you’re able to spend. Allowing the agency to work within your budget gives them a better idea of what they can do for you.

What type of web design software will the agency be using?

Knowing how your website is made, and what with, will go a long way into you fully understanding how it works. If you’re looking for a desktop and mobile friendly site and the agency explains that they will be made separately; that is an immediate red flag. Good thing you asked them right away and didn’t wait until halfway through the process. By asking questions early you can figure out if the website design company you’re using is right for you.

Ask for web design samples

The last thing your company wants to deal with is an agency who prides themselves on professional web design but turns out to be anything but professional. Ask the web design firm for samples from their recent projects. If their samples are up to par with your expectations then request to meet with them off campus, somewhere that isn’t your business or theirs. When you meet in person you can get a great feel for how they work as a business. You can also ask questions about their process or how quickly you can expect a turnaround.

This goes hand in hand with finding their years of experience. If you’re a Fortune 500 company you don’t want a freelance artist with less than a year of experience handling everything your site will involve. Ask each team member about their experiences. This isn’t saying that web designers with five or less years of experience shouldn’t be taken seriously. If the portfolio and professional demeanor can back up a design team with less than five years of combined experience don’t be afraid to pursue them as your agency.