Fort Wayne Video Production

Video Production Companies

MediaFuel is a premiere professional video production company based in Indianapolis, Indiana. MediaFuel provides a full-service video production studio with capabilities in green, white, and black screens. We also provide the service of shooting on location; having been from coast to coast no job is beyond our travel time. Unlike production companies in Chicago and New York, MediaFuel cares more about developing a bond with a client and providing a business solution, rather than a disposable product.

Online Video Production

Is your Fort Wayne business looking to gain a better online presence, or promote yourselves through a strategically planned brand film? MediaFuel looks to make a connection with your business first and then jump straight into the strategy, way before beginning the production phase. We like to know that our clients have given us all of their input, allowing us to use our creativity to make a final product that not only you will be proud to show off, but we will as well.

Fort Wayne Video Production and Videographers

We don’t like to send you video production prices right out of the gate. We like working with clients to ensure them that we will be within their budget and provide them with a final product that will last and hold true value to the client. We’re passionate about what we do and we believe businesses are the same way. That passion should shine, not only from a creative angle but also through a final product everyone can believe in.

Inbound Marketing + Video

Inbound marketing is an up and coming trend in the world of business marketing. Getting found on the Internet is almost as important as meeting someone face to face. Welcome your business to search engines with an online video that can be shared on social media, through email campaigns, online press releases, on easily found on search engines. MediaFuel could be your one-stop-shop for your Fort Wayne video production needs.