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What are the advantages of digital advertising?

Clients want to know what their return on investment will be. We get that. One of the top reasons we love digital advertising is that it is measurable. We can track who clicked what and when. We can target specific audiences instead of blasting out ads that may be irrelevant to certain groups. Plus, we can control the costs and make cost-effective adjustments to the ads along the campaign. What’s not to like about that?



Search ads are served up when internet users are looking for an answer or product. The most popular search ads are Google Ads that appear above the organic results in a Google search. You’ll likely be using this ad type to attract prospects during the consideration and selection phases of the buyer’s journey and take them to a relevant page on your website to the key phrase they searched.


Display ads combine text, images or video, and a URL that links to a website. They are frequently used to build brand awareness by targeting ideal customer personas based on behaviors and interests they have related to your product or service. Display ads are shown to users when they’re browsing other websites, watching a YouTube video, in Gmail, or using mobile devices and apps.

Social media ADS

Social media ads are an effective way to connect with your intended audience. These ads are often used to create brand awareness or maintain customer relationships. Accessed from social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and TikTok, they drive potential customers to a targeted page on your website.


Video ads are served up according to viewer interest, which draws in your ideal customers. You create the narrative and a tailored message that is oriented towards your intended audience. These ads work as visual and audible tools to attract attention across online platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Video ads are an engaging way to inform and educate your audience about your brand.

We have worked with Media Fuel for several years now and have benefitted from several projects they have complete for us. The work is always professional and high-end. One of the marketing functions they’ve done for us is managing our Google Ads campaigns and they have done it exceptionally well, the best I’ve ever worked with. I would recommend others consider this group for any marketing related project.

Tom Callahan

Director of Operations, Poolsafe

MediaFuel has been one of the most process-driven, creative, thorough, communicative, organized agency partners that I have worked with across 30 years, which includes four previous website projects. I am thankful we selected MediaFuel on this project and look forward to continuing the partnership and collaboration.

Mike Fuerstenau

T2 Systems

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