Comprehensive Marketing Strategy Leaves Thursday Pools Drowning in Leads

Thursday Pools is a fiberglass pool manufacturer that implements new technological advancements to create the most elegantly crafted swimming pools on the market. Thursday Pools is the only pool manufacturer that is ISO 9001 certified, which sets a high standard for excellence in manufacturing. It is a leading innovator in fiberglass pool manufacturing with its patented Geo Anchoring System, the World’s Only Beach Entry Fiberglass Pool, and the first Sunken Living Room Fiberglass Pool.


The fiberglass pool manufacturing industry has had a history of quality issues. Consumers are not aware of the advancements in the industry that have made fiberglass pools a durable and reliable option for inground swimming pools. Thursday Pools’ website was not ranking for key search terms, and they were relatively unknown in 2016. In addition, River Pools, a leading competitor, had the highest Google rank authority and dominated search engine page results. Dealers were incredibly impressed with Thursday Pools’ fiberglass pool craftsmanship and durability. In addition, they craved the innovations of Thursday Pools’ pool designs, which make installation easier. However, dealers wanted more marketing support and lead generation.

The Solution

Using its Prospect2Promoter Marketing Strategy, MediaFuel created an integrated brand communications plan to improve search engine page ranking and generate demand for the brand. It conducted workshops withThursday Pools’ executives to identify and inventory the perceptions that motivate purchase behavior. Then they conducted interviews with 15 to 20 current consumers and dealers to understand what motivated them to choose Thursday Pools, which resulted in a more effective messaging strategy. Among other initiatives, MediaFuel created an online sales tool that dealers could use regularly to guide customers to the right pool model for them.

The results

Demand for Thursday Pools is higher than it has ever been since MediaFuel started working with them as their agency-of-record in 2016. Thursday Pools has content that is consistently ranking on page one of search engine results, and lead generation is experiencing significant growth. Marketing initiatives have generated double-digit growth for the last three years, and 2021 is even higher, in part due to the COVID pandemic. In February of 2021, MediaFuel produced Thursday Pools’ first-ever live broadcast dealer conference with nearly 200 registrations. Using a state-of-the-art studio with a 25’ x 25’ green screen, MediaFuel created a virtual studio that delivered a unique brand experience that engaged audiences and allowed for interactive real-time questions and answers with a dealer panel. Moreover, dealers continue to engage more and more with the tools MediaFuel has created and their sales have also increased significantly