About the ‘Fuel


Our Values. They’re Who We Are. How We Roll.

You should know a little about the people you work with, don’t you think? The first thing you should know about us is our values. We simply wouldn’t be the ‘Fuel without them. We hire based on them, so you know whomever you work with at MediaFuel is aligned with and exhibits these principles.

Core Value #1

Humble And Hungry

We do what we say we’re going to do and we’re passionate about our work.

Core Value #2

Open Minded Problem Solvers

We have a curiosity to be lifelong learners to grow and continue to solve real business problems.

Core Value #3

Not About Me

We put others first, seek help, ask questions, admit mistakes, contribute ideas and find the best solution as a team.

Core Value #4


We use creative ingenuity and technology to implement new business solutions for our clients.

Core Value #5

Results Oriented

We set goals to measure our progress and create generational blessing.


They say the number one killer of old people is retirement. People got ’em a job to do…they tend to live a little longer so they can do it.

—– Budd, Kill Bill Vol. II


Our Team

Meet The ‘Fuel.

We fuel each other’s creativity and respect individuality, so the sum of our parts is greater than most. See who you’ll be working with.

Jeff Kivett

Jeff Kivett

Founder & Visionary

Jeff Kivett

Chris Bass


Chris Bass

Cindy Kivett

VP of Finance

Jeff Kivett

Micki Harlow

Creative Director

Chris Bass

Dave Anderson

Senior Account Executive

Jeff Kivett

Kristin Bass

Account Manager

Jeff Kivett

Meg Walker

Account Manager

Chris Bass

Yen-Tsu Lin

Account Manager

Jeff Kivett

Sam Elliott

Content Specialist/Copywriter

Chris Bass

Greg Cox

Senior Media Producer

Chris Bass

Tea Cunningham

Graphic Designer

Chris Bass

Lucas Irvine

Media Producer

Chris Bass

Myra Kivett

Social Media Coordinator

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