Team Member Spotlight: Karen Kennedy

Karen Kennedy | Content Strategist & Account Manager

Singer of songs. Word nerd. Social director.

KarenEditKaren is our chief copywriter. She whips out SEO blog posts, video scripts, eBooks, emails and loads of other content for our diverse array of clients at a dizzying rate (which is why she seems to have a rather strange depth of knowledge on such disparate topics as: fiberglass pool installation, criminal law, property restoration, home construction, public power, civil engineering and traffic lights). Don’t get stuck in a corner with her at a cocktail party.

Karen has made a living at a variety of jobs, such as hand model, caterer, innkeeper, event planner, game show host and cabaret singer. What that latter gig means for us here at MediaFuel is this: Everything we say is a song cue, and we’d better start singing along if we ever want her to stop. So, we sing. She makes us. She has declared that we are starting a girl band called Shift Refresh and the Hover States. (Of course, she gets to be the lead singer).

With a background in event planning, Karen is naturally our social director. (Which we consider to be a very important role, because we LOVE to have fun.) She makes sure there’s cake and general good cheer on our birthdays and orders in lunches for the team, just because. (Which we consider to be a very important role, because we LOVE to eat.)

Karen also does a good chunk of voiceover work and manages a few accounts. Multitasking is her jam, and her motto is: “The answer is yes. What is your question?”

In her spare time, Karen loves to spend time at home cooking and throwing dinner parties with her “Peach” and frolicking outside with her Schipperke, Zoe. She’s also hopelessly addicted to Words with Friends, because she apparently doesn’t get enough spelling in during the day.